365 | 2009 - jogarrett
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297 | flowers in the rain Point-and-Shoot-more I was going to manage with my iPhone as my go-everywhere camera, for a while. In the meantime, I was thinking about taking a look at the Canon G11, no rush. I still have my DSLR - I had been reading up on the G11 with great interest recently but I thought I would maybe wait and see what else came a long or at least do a bit more research in to all the options. The thing is, the dark winter nights will be when I am out shooting at least through the week now and I really can't stay away from the water in Amsterdam, so I need something that handles low-light and most importantly, something with a neckstrap (I certainly don't want to risk losing my iPhone in the canal and the DSLR does indeed have the now required neckstrap - but it is not always convenient to carry). I was not even expecting the G11 to be in the Amsterdam stores yet, but it is. I picked it up to see how it felt in my hands. I liked the weight and the grip - something my recently departed, smooth, sleek IXUS certainly did not have - and of course it has a neckstrap. So, now I am a happy G11 owner and Ican spend the time that I would have spent on research and decision-making, on pointing-and-shooting more.